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Well howdy! I'm your


Hey, I'm Tim Young...

In the past twenty-five years, I've gone from closing big B2B marketing deals with tech giants to coaxing more milk out of my Jersey cows. I had success in both worlds, having started an Inc. 500 company from my home office, and later building an award-winning artisan cheese business.

Wanna know what these two  different worlds have in common? 


Yep. It's true for a fast-growing marketing services business, and even more true for a family farm selling pastured meats, raw milk, veggies or cheese to consumers, restaurants or retailers.


Fortunately, my background with marketing and business strategy helped me to achieve my farm dreams. But now my passion is helping YOU to achieve YOUR farm dreams. 

That means offering advice, tips and inspiration to help you grow your farm business to a level of competitive advantage and sustained profitability.


Through my blog, podcast, Facebook Group, books and the Small Farm Nation Academy, I'm here to serve you as your farm marketing & business mentor.

5 Fun Facts


I've Got Steel Resolve

I'm a lifelong Steelers fan, and firmly believe that I affect the outcome of each game by how I sit. If the Steelers lose, it's because someone made me shift positions on the sofa.

Tim write good

I've actually published nine books, mostly non-fiction. But one was a  300 page agri-suspense novel that I wrote in the 5 weeks before my daughter was born!

I'm a Freebird

Lynyrd Skynyrd actually played an acoustic set at my house on a July 4th weekend for me and a couple dozen friends. Yeah, so that happened. Click to see a pic of the band set up in my yard.

I Was Almost a Tiger

As a teen, I thought I'd become a pro golfer. I was a scratch golfer most of my life, but quit playing when I bought the farm. Now, I haven't played in over 12 years.

Tim Grew Fast

I started my first business by maxing out credit cards. Five years later I had 450 employees and ranked #130 on the INC 500 list of fastest growing U.S. companies. Can I get a Whoop-a-dee-doo!

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