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  • How to Create Your One-Page Farm Business Plan
  • The 12 Fatal Flaws of Most Farm Websites
  • The Foundations of Farm & Local Food Marketing
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    How to Attract Customers (rather than hunting for them)
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    Why Building a Farm Brand is Crucial to Your Success
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    The 7 Marketing Traits of Successful Farms

Video #1

Learn what marketing is and isn’t. We’ll also cover why developing a brand is so critical to the success of your farm or local food business. You’ll learn how to attract customers to you so that you don’t have to constantly hunt for customers. I’ll walk you through the seven marketing traits of highly successful farm businesses.

Video #2

Yes, I’m afraid you do need a business plan for your farm business. But you don't need a "traditional" business plan. In this video lesson you’ll learn the 8 critical questions to answer in creating a one-page business plan for your farm.  You'll learn how to make the critical strategic choices that will set your farm up for continued financial success.

Video #3

A website is absolutely critical to building your farm brand and attracting customers. Yet, most farm websites commit fatal flaws when creating websites for their farm business.

In our final lesson together, you’ll learn what those sins are and how you can avoid them.  

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